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A Note From Marc Gunn

Thank you so much for reading about my adventures with Captain Murphy. Thanks also to everyone who helped launched the album on Kickstarter. It took much longer than I hoped to release Pirates vs. Dragons. But I love the CD. It's full of magic and mystery and, of course, fun music. 

As a big thank you, I want you to head on over to my website. Subscribe to my mailing list so you can download a free album of my music called Celtic Geek. It features 21 songs from my first 20 solo albums. Plus, you'll get regular updates about what's happening with my music career. It's totally free. Just subscribe at

If you love what I do and want to support me some more, become a patron of the arts, an official "Gunn Runner," on Patreon. It only costs $1 per month and you'll get bonus blogs, videos and podcasts before anyone else, behind the scenes reports, and also my everlasting appreciation. The record industry is in shambles. It's more difficult than ever to make a living as a musician and bard. Your generosity goes a long way for me and my family. Join me at .

Keep an eye and ear open because my adventures with Murphy, Gus, and Andrew are not yet over. I learned a lot about that Jupiter's Fancy over the past few years. I'm afraid it might get me into a lot of trouble...

About Marc Gunn

Cats. Irish drinking songs. Science fiction. Nowhere else but from the bright imagination of Marc Gunn would those three elements be so neatly integrated. Gunn, sometimes called "the hardest working man in Celtic music" around his hometown of Austin, Texas, is an accomplished musician, podcaster, and entrepreneur. He continues to turn heads with his instrument of choice, the autoharp.

Gunn has released over twenty albums on his own Mage Records label since he went solo in 2008. His most-popular albums include Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers, Don't Go Drinking With Hobbits, Firefly Drinking Songs, Scottish Songs of Drinking & Rebellion, and his latest release, Sci Fi Drinking Songs. In 2014, he launched a fan club on Patreon where he continues to release new songs to "Gunn Runners" as he writes and records them.

Gunn's activities are not restricted to musical performance alone. In 2005, he transformed his popular resource, the Celtic Music Magazine into a podcast. Irish & Celtic Music Podcast helped kick off the podcast revolution by "changing your world with Celtic music". His efforts were rewarded in 2009 and 2010 when he won Best Podsafe Music in the People's Choice Podcast Awards. He has published several podcasts through the years, including the Renaissance Festival Podcast, Cat Lovers Podcast and his current weekly talk show, The Celtfather, a nickname he earned for all of his online promotion of Celtic music. It features news and discussion on various Celtic and Geek topics that interest him.

Gunn combines his love of travel with his love of music. He hosts Celtic Invasion Vacations which are different from standard vacation tours. Gunn believes that it is the people around you who ultimately make a vacation great. He finds one location abroad and gathers like-minded vacationers to experience his travel motto, "Good food, good drink, good company".

In a town famous for almost every musical genre except Celtic music, Marc Gunn has raised the bar and held it high. Using the musical past and a vivid imagination bolstered with ambition and drive, he blazes trails from terra firma to cyberspace, encouraging others to follow.

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